Stettinius Awards for Nonprofit Leaders

The Stettinius Awards for Nonprofit Leadership are designed to develop effective leadership within the local charitable sector by cultivating nonprofit professionals who have demonstrated the potential to be change agents in our community.

Award recipients will have the opportunity to pursue professional development activities of their own choosing - executive seminars, advanced degree course work, on-site practica, professional exchange programs and travel. Our goal is that through these experiences they will realize their potential for strong, transforming leadership and be better prepared to take on new roles or responsibilities in the Richmond's nonprofit sector.

These awards are supported by The Community Foundation and the Stettinius Fund for Nonprofit Leadership, which was established by Cadmus Communications Corporation on the occasion of Wallace Stettinius’ retirement from its Cadmus Board of Directors.

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Program Overview

Please carefully review the information below prior to submitting an application.


Eligible applicants are determined by the following criteria:

  • An applicant must be a current employee of a locally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and have served a minimum of three years within metro Richmond's nonprofit sector. These three years of experience should show increased administrative responsibility and knowledge of specific issue areas or community need.
  • Applicants must be employed by a national or regional nonprofit with responsibilities and operations in The Community Foundation’s service area
  • Applicants from faith-based organizations, which are separately incorporated as a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charities, are eligible provided the organization is primarily engaged in providing human services, educational programs, arts or other secular services to clients and communities on a nondiscriminatory basis.
  • Applicants whose primary responsibilities are related to religious or public sector (government) matters are ineligible.
    • The awards program seeks to recognize leaders who:

      • Aim to create significant change in the lives of people and organizations.
      • Build a high level of morale, set greater expectations and aspirations about what can be done to develop the assets and develop strategies to address the needs of a community.
      • Respect others’ needs and contributions;
      • Stimulate the creativity and independent thinking of each group member;
      • Motivate others with a deep commitment to the purpose of the group; and
      • Influence others by their example and the respect and trust that it fosters.

Selection Process

A selection panel will review the submitted applications and letters of support to identify a small group of finalists. Successful candidates will demonstrate:

  • Evidence of past and present commitment to the nonprofit sector in the Greater Richmond area;
  • Evidence of the potential ability to build, influence and sustain relationships vital to the further success of their organization;
  • Evidence of an eagerness to learn the requisite skills to effectively lead and manage a nonprofit organization;
  • Evidence of an imaginative and relevant professional development plan;
  • Evidence of potential to emerge as a multidimensional, (community, organization and self) transforming leader;
  • Evidence of leadership capabilities and desire to develop the area’s nonprofit sector.

Once finalists are announced, they will be required to submit a professional development plan.

Size of Awards

The Stettinius Fund for Nonprofit Leadership will award cash grants of up to $10,000.

How to Apply

  1. Application & Letter of Support
    Nonprofit professionals are invited to submit an application and resume through the Foundation’s online system after determining eligibility (Applications will be available on Wednesday, February 1, 2017). All applications must include a letter of support from a direct supervisor or the nonprofit’s board president. Support letters should include a discussion of how the professional development opportunity will help develop the candidate’s leadership potential.

    Graduates of the Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence, Emerging Nonprofit Leaders program are encouraged to apply as the next step in the region’s continuum of leadership development programs.

    Apply Now
    Deadline: 5pm, Thursday, March 9, 2017.
  2. Selection Process
    A selection panel will review the submitted applications and letters of support to identify a small group of candidates to submit professional development plans and participate in interviews based on the selection criteria. Interviews will be scheduled for May 18, 2017. Candidates must be available on that date.

  3. Announcement of Awards
    The Committee’s recommendations will be forwarded to The Community Foundation’s Board of Governors. The decisions of The Community Foundation are final.