Stories of Impact: Making a Difference

Generosity of spirit. This is what TCF relies upon and receives over and over again from people like you. Our donors, our board, our volunteers and our nonprofits are a diverse group united in their passion for their community and their belief that they can ensure its success.

Take a look at our stories of impact and see the inroads being made to build a vibrant community and enhance the quality of life in our region.

"TCF has been the link, giving us a definition of what truly makes a difference. There are so many needs in our community, and TCF helps us find organizations that align with our passions."

Cynthia Showalter Schmitz, donor

When Passion Meets Philanthropy

Stuart Siegel is a man with many passions – for his business, the Jewish community, homeless pets, and the VCU Rams. He also has a generous spirit that has led to support for philanthropic endeavors related to these very things. By working with The Community Foundation, Stuart has been able to combine his passion and generosity into his estate plans and, in doing so, provide continued support for the nonprofits most important to him. 

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Continuing a Family Legacy with TCF

Recently we spoke with Bill Thalhimer and his daughter, Katherine Adamson, to find out how their close-knit family is working together to honor their family legacy, but also support new and emerging needs in the Richmond community. They share how leadership has transitioned from one generation to the next, how TCF has supported them, and how much fun they are having along the way.

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Cultivating a Love for the Great Outdoors

Watching children marvel at the beauty of nature while digging in the garden or hiking through the woods brings Mary Arginteanu immense joy. For decades she and her husband, Larry, dedicated much of their time and talent volunteering at several local schools mentoring students and providing opportunities for nature exploration. As Mary grew older, it became more challenging for her to upkeep the community gardens she had created at South Hampton and Swansboro Elementary Schools. She was familiar with The Community Foundation and contacted our philanthropic services team to explore ways to keep her outdoor program alive.
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Enhancing Healthy Living: Eat Fresh RPS

With a grant from Impact 100 Richmond, Eat Fresh RPS is transforming the Richmond Public School lunchroom environment. Garden Patch salad bars were installed in 20 elementary schools and local chefs are training cafeteria staff on new preparation techniques. Children are discovering the delicious and nutritious goodness of strawberries, carrots and sweet potatoes—just a few of their favorites so far.
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Transformational Leadership: Impact Makers

Impact Makers’ tagline simply states: Better Business. Better Community. It reflects the firm’s innovative social impact business model. The management and technology consulting firm is a benefit corporation and founding certified B Corp, inspiring a movement among entrepreneurs across the country who wish to live out their values and improve communities through their work. In many ways, Impact Makers raises the bar on “better.”
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Continuing Influence: The Youth Philanthropy Project

When Marvin Green joined the Boys and Girls Club, he was a shy second grader from a single-parent family. He quickly took advantage of everything the club offered: lasting relationships, camping and sports, and travel to other states. He was also named "Youth of the Year" three times. "Boys and Girls Club opened a whole new world for me," said Marvin. "It was a place of refuge where I could be myself."
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A Family Tradition of Giving

Lee and Janet Showalter are naturally inclined to give back through service and philanthropy, which is evident in their daughters' childhood memories. Cynthia, Sarah and Jennifer fondly recall visiting nursing home residents, preparing hot meals for sick neighbors and the thrill of receiving their own offertory envelopes at church. "Our parents raised us in an environment of giving," says Jennifer. "They raised us to develop an awareness that not everyone has the luxury of a warm meal or a safe place to stay."
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Far-reaching Significance: The FeedMore Story

In 2014, FeedMore served 19.6 million meals -- up 78 percent from 2008. This means that fewer individuals have to make hard choices between buying healthy food for their families and paying their rent or medical bills. As the primary hunger relief organization in our region, FeedMore is committed to providing more food to more people in more communities.
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A Partnership Made in Heaven

Dr. Gail Inlow was a devout man who believed in helping his neighbors. In 1988, Dr. Inlow made a generous gift to the Gayton Kirk Presbyterian Church in Henrico County to support outreach to assist local individuals and families experiencing financial hardship. With the support of the founding pastor Richard Brand and the church session, the gift helped to create a designated fund at the Church, which his son Ron was asked to administer as long as he was a member of the congregation.
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Giving Throughout a Lifetime and Beyond

The Community Foundation works with an increasing number of young families looking for ways toincorporate philanthropy into their busy lives. Ten years ago, life was full for Susan and John Davenport. They were raising three young daughters, John was building a career as a hedge fund manager and they both served on nonprofit boards. While they were familiar with TCF and its support of local organizations, they had not considered how the Foundation could add value to their family.
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Continuing a Legacy of Educational Success

Throughout her life, Bessida White has been enriched by her family's fond recollections of school days at Rappahannock Industrial Academy. Established at the turn of the 20th century, it was the only high school serving African American youth in the Tidewater region. After the school's closing in 1948, the Rappahannock Industrial Academy Alumni Association (RIAAA) was created and continues to carry out the vision of its founders to give back to the community that raised and educated them. A partnership with The Community Foundation has helped streamline RIAAA's scholarship program to provide aid to students for generations to come.
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