Giving Throughout a Lifetime and Beyond

The Community Foundation works with an increasing number of young families looking for ways to incorporate philanthropy into their busy lives. Ten years ago, life was full for Susan and John Davenport. They were raising three young daughters, John was building a career as a hedge fund manager and they both served on nonprofit boards. While they were familiar with TCF and its support of local organizations, they had not considered how the Foundation could add value to their family.

That year, John’s business produced better-than-expected returns and they recognized an opportunity to do something meaningful with the extra income. When close friends shared how a donor advised fund at TCF helped them become more organized in their giving, the idea resonated.

In retrospect, the decision to create a family fund feels even better today than it did back then. Susan and John view TCF as a leading voice for philanthropy in the region and they trust our staff for guidance. When they take on leadership roles with nonprofits, they know they can also support them financially. Moreover, they are more thoughtful about grantmaking. Rather than making lots of smaller contributions, they have become more focused, recommending fewer and larger grants to make a greater impact.

Life has changed, too. Their oldest daughters are now in college, Susan joined the staff of Virginia Repertory Theatre and John made a professional shift from traditional investments to the restaurant business. “We are very thankful,” says Susan. “If we had not put the money aside when we did, we would not be able to commit to philanthropy in the same way now.” By creating a charitable endowment at TCF, the Davenports have peace of mind knowing they can maintain a consistent level of giving throughout their lifetime and beyond.

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