Karen Booth Adams

Karen Booth Adams

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CEO, Hot Technology Holdings




Karen Booth Adams is the CEO of Hot Technology Holdings, an investment group that has launched 10 successful businesses in Richmond since 1993.  She served as CEO for many of those companies and has led eight successful exits for the group.  Karen currently advises Hot Technology’s management teams on strategic planning, operations management and M&A.  Her diverse ventures have been in SaaS software, internet strategy and technology consulting, online retail, financial consulting, legal and e-discovery services, and social media marketing.  Karen is a founding partner in firms such as Ironworks Consulting, Fahrenheit Technology, Genesis Consulting, PoshTots, PartnerJD, Fahrenheit Finance, RaceIt.com, Create Digital and others. 

In 2006, Karen established a donor advised fund that focuses on children’s health and education issues. She is a frequent speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship, and also currently serves on the boards of World Pediatric Project, The Robins School Executive Advisory Council, Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Hospitals Board of Trustees, and The Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT).