Lisa Thalhimer

Lisa Thalhimer

Lisa’s Story: In Her Own Words

Lisa Thalhimer fought breast cancer, ultimately unsuccessfully, from January 2009 to April 2010. During this time she emailed a growing army of family and friends, who sometimes are called “Team Lisa.” A creative writer with a Masters degree from Hollins College, Lisa encouraged her team with emails from diagnosis until the end with an engaging style and sense of humor. She took each day’s challenge and found the positive.

These writings were compiled by her friends, notably Judy Richmon, Robin Jackson and Joanna Biegler Friedman. Lisa’s husband, Bobby has edited Lisa’s work and added his own notes from his blogs, which can also be found at the Richmond Times Dispatch website.

We hope you will enjoy this manuscript, which one day may be further enhanced for publication as a book. Consequently while we invite you to enjoy it for your personal use we ask that you not reprint it for further distribution.

It would be wonderful if you would email Bobby with any comments after you have read the book. And, if you are so inclined, you may support the Lisa M. Thalhimer Children’s Literacy Fund, which Lisa established as the legacy for her life’s passion—to encourage children to write and to otherwise express themselves creatively.

Read Lisa's Story: In Her Own Words

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