Stettinius Fund for Nonprofit Leadership

The Stettinius Fund for Nonprofit Leadership was created to develop effective leadership within the local charitable sector by cultivating nonprofit professionals who have demonstrated the potential to be change agents in our community.

History of the Fund

The fund was established by Cadmus Communications Corporation on the occasion of Wallace Stettinius’ retirement from its Cadmus Board of Directors. For many years, the fund supported an awards program that recognized individual leaders in the local nonprofit sector with stipends to pursue professional development activities of their own choosing, which would make them more effective in their roles. The process was overseen by a volunteer committee and included a personal narrative, peer recommendations and an interview process. A total of 37 honorees have received the award and used their experiences to cultivate their personal passions, enhance their organizations and stimulate positive change in the Richmond region.

Broadening the Benefit

In 2018, the awards program is changing. Rather than supporting individual awards, funds will be used to support capacity building grants to nonprofit organizations that wish to send two or more members of their leadership team to a management or leadership training. They will apply through the regular capacity building grants process. In addition to simplifying the process, this change is intended to benefit more people, foster bonding between team members and ensure greater educational value for the organization over time.

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Stettinius Award Winners (2005-2017)

  • Christopher Beach, Relationship Foundation (2017)
  • Julie Bilodeau, CrossOver Ministry (2010)
  • Beth Bortz, Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (2006)
  • Katie Botha, Special Olympics Virginia (2010)
  • Heather Crislip, HOME (2016)
  • Margaret Crowe, Voices for Virginia's Children (2013)
  • Mary Lou Decossaux, Neighborhood Resource Center (2008)
  • John Dougherty, ROSMY (2008)
  • Allyson Drake, Full Circle Grief Center (2014)
  • Danette Fleming, Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance (2009)
  • Shawnee Hansen, Richmond Friends of the Homeless (2008)
  • Kelly King Horne, Homeward (2013)
  • Randee Humphrey, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (2012)
  • Damon Jiggetts, Peter Paul Development Center (2012)
  • Joyce Johnson, Virginia Heroes (2007)
  • Honesty Liller, McShin Foundation (2017)
  • Larry Lindsey, F.I.R.S.T. Contractors (2009)
  • Erica Mann, United Methodist Family Services (2016)
  • Todd Martin, Boy Scouts of America/Heart of Virginia Council (2017)
  • Alyssa McBride, Alzheimer's Association Greater Richmond Chapter (2010)
  • Paulette McElwain, Virginia League for Planned Parenthood (2009)
  • Karen O'Brien, CARITAS (2016)
  • Sara Okos, The Commonwealth Institute for Analysis (2011)
  • Charleita Richardson, Partnership for the Future (2013)
  • Susan Rickman, International Hospital for Children (2007)
  • Ryan Ripperton, SPARC (2015)
  • Megan Rollins, Boaz & Ruth (2012)
  • Chris Schultz, Virginia Home for Boys & Girls (2006)
  • Pete Shrock, Comfort Zone Camp (2014)
  • T.K. Somanath, Better Housing Coalition (2005)
  • Jay Squires, Gay Community Center of Richmond (2011)
  • Karen Stanley, CARITAS (2007)
  • Mary Dunne Stewart, Greater Richmond Fit4Kids (2015)
  • Carolina Velez, Commonwealth Catholic Charities (2006)
  • Terry Willie-Surratt, Richmond CASA (2005)
  • Jonathan Zur, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (2011)