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HandsOn Greater Richmond joins The Community Foundation

Recognizing civic engagement and community participation are an essential part of building a regional culture of philanthropy, The Community Foundation and HandsOn Greater Richmond have joined forces. The integration is a natural next step, after sharing a back office and common goals since HandsOn began in 2007.

The Community Foundation and HandsOn are both deeply invested in supporting community change initiatives that make Richmond a better place. We work collaboratively across sectors and with generous networks to encourage gifts of time, talent and financial resources to shape and advance regional solutions. Together, we can offer customized opportunities that allow individuals, families and teams to learn, engage and connect in ways that are both meaningful and effective.

Vanessa Diamond, Co-founder of HandsOn Greater Richmond, assumes a new role as Senior Vice President of Civic Innovations. Her team will be responsible for developing, testing and scaling new models for learning, service and philanthropy to create on-ramps for greater engagement and participation. This work will be done in close coordination with colleagues across the organization and the region to ensure a seamless experience for all valued partners. Our goal is to build an inclusive and well-informed network through the active input and involvement from donors, volunteers and nonprofit partners, as well as the business community, faith organizations and localities.

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